Volume 2 Turning Up The Heat

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The following two new articles written by Barfarkel appear in his Vol. 2 book. The first article contains information you won't find anywhere else in print.

# Vegas and the World's Oldest Profession- Practical Tips For Men Only
"As a single man who enjoys a good time, I've availed myself to the occasional pleasures of Women of the Night in Las Vegas. (Vegas hookers, in less subtle vernacular.) There are a lot of people out there who have no idea how one goes about buying the services of a prostitute. Whether they ever want to try it or not, inquiring minds want to know! So here it is... the ins and outs of prostitution in Las Vegas. Pun intended."

# Top 10 Tips for Beginning Card Counters
"Here are ten tips that I can offer fledgling card counters based on my experiences. If you follow my advice, your journey to become a winning player will be a lot easier."

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