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“When historians in the distant future want to know what advantage play was like circa 2000, they will start with a careful study of Barfarkel’s You’ve Got Heat-The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro. This book is nonfiction; Barfarkel describes real people, real places, and real incidents with amazing attention to detail. There is more to being a card counter than just winning money from casinos; Barfarkel shows that card counters have fun too. Before you take on the casinos with your own money, read this book to get an appreciation for the ups and downs your bankroll will experience.”

— Stanford Wong, author of Professional Blackjack and host of

“Do you really want to be a blackjack pro? Before you decide, you'd better read the new book, You've Got Heat-The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro. Get a real look at what it takes to play and profit in Las Vegas at the low- to middle-bankroll levels, finding and exploiting the smallest edges in one of the most competitive arenas on Earth. I've been there, and it's obvious that Barfarkel has too. You've Got Heat is a compelling and honest read.”

— Anthony Curtis, publisher Las Vegas Advisor

“ If you are already an advantage blackjack player, you’ll love this book because it will bring back all your own experiences playing against the casinos. Barfarkel is an excellent writer who keeps the book moving swiftly along from adventure to adventure – and, boy, it is an adventure trying to quintuple your bankroll. If you aren’t an advantage player but are flirting with becoming one, this book is an honest, detailed and fun account of just what’s in store for you when you decide to do unto the casinos what they have been doing unto you. If you are an executive of the casinos…go away!”

— Frank Scoblete, America’s number one best selling gaming author

“There’s another “adventures of” diary-type blackjack book on the market, and I think it’s worth the attention of any aspiring card counter. Barfarkel’s You’ve Got Heat-The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro follows Las Vegas Blackjack Diary and Blackjack Autumn as the latest member of this unusual trilogy. But “LV Pro” is merely an aspiring pro; he yearns for the good life of a high-rolling, fat-bankrolled, slick professional. And we follow him, on no fewer than 26 forays into the Las Vegas casinos, from his beginning red-chip play to his proudly accomplished multi-green-chip action, fully four years later.

Along the way, there is much to be learned about the life of a solo card counter. As this is a lonely existence, our hero “networks,” through the Web blackjack sites, and befriends dozens of fellow counters, with whom he plays, dines, and commiserates throughout his ongoing quest. And, we’re a party to it all, vicariously living this fascinating life, trip-by-trip, casino-by-casino, as Barfarkel’s bankroll (and his blood pressure!) plummets and soars — exactly as a more experienced player would expect — in the pursuit of his intriguing avocation. You’ll meet all of these Runyonesque characters, and learn many valuable blackjack-playing secrets along the way, in this captivating chronicle. If you enjoyed Perry’s and Meadow’s previous journals of their card-counting experiences, then you’ll love You’ve Got Heat.”

— Don Schlesinger, author of Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way

“If you’ve got the bug and you feel the tug to be a pro, you’ve got to read this book. It ain’t easy scuffling for a living and You’ve Got Heat tells you why. It’s portrait of the pitfalls of pit paranoia is dead on and it’s one of the only “How to be a Pro Blackjack Player” books I’ve ever read that honestly shows just how grueling it is for an average guy to take on the casinos at their own game.”

— Max Rubin, Blackjack Hall of Fame and author of Comp City

“Barfarkel's keen eye for detail and a willingness to bare his soul to the reader, along with his considerable writing skills, elevate You've Got Heat to much more than merely a collection of trip reports. Whether it is a nasty session at the tables, a comped gourmet meal, or an encounter with another sort of "pro" in Pahrump, the reader gets it all, up close and personal. Since each chapter was written in "real time" shortly after it actually happened, one can observe the author's growth as an advantage player as his skills (not to mention bankroll) improve over the four year period covered by the book. Required reading for those aspiring to pro or serious part time play, and great entertainment for anyone with an interest in gambling and casinos.”

— Parker, host of Parker’s Pages on

“When I received the book You've Got Heat-The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro, I commented to myself, "Well here's another book by a blackjack player wanting his 15 minutes of fame." I thought I would peruse the book and then make my comments. I couldn't put the book down because so much of it reminded me of when I first started. Every person contemplating getting into the game of blackjack should first read this book and see that the glamour is short-lived. I highly recommend this book.”

— Ralph “The Silver Fox” Stricker, author of The Silver Fox Blackjack System

“If you have ever wondered what card counting is really like, You've Got Heat is the best book yet on the curious, frustrating, exhilarating and misanthropic world of the blackjack card counter. It tells the inner story of a new young card-counter named Barfarkel, as we follow his blow-by-blow account on his journey from novice to seasoned expert. The characters are all real, the stories are all real, and the result is a sure winner.”

— Eliot (The Mayor) Jacobson, host of

“A fascinating, detailed tour of Nevada casinos, their 21 tables and a talented, obsessed counter who meets characters, sharpies, wise guys, geniuses, eccentrics, and hustlers along the way. This book is a grand tour, financially and intellectually, allowing you to ride along with a most talented counter who uses camouflage and disguise techniques to quadruple his bankroll at the tables. Super insight into what playing with a team is like, plus countering what the House has to offer and what it's like to service a sometimes bumpy (four year) ride as a semi-professional player.”

— Howard Schwartz , manager Gambler's Book Shop, Las Vegas.

“You’ve Got Heat does a great job of capturing the sights and sounds of the blackjack world and shows how even a card counter with a small bankroll can beat the casinos at their own game—and have fun doing it.”

— Kevin Blackwood, author of The Counter

“Barfarkel is a roving raconteur. His dramatic and humorous tales of low-stakes counting remind me of my early card counting days years ago, back when I played for similar stakes. A book that should be enjoyable for anyone who has been ‘in the trenches’”

— LVBear584, blackjack pro

"Being called "The Real Deal" is the greatest compliment a blackjack player can bestow upon - or hear from - another player. With one in a thousand players playing with a real edge, and only one in those thousand able to play professionally, You've Got Heat is written by one of those rarest of individuals with the indefatigable dedication and acumen required to grind through hand after hand, shoe after shoe, day after day and win.

This book is a compilation of nakedly honest and meticulously detailed "trip reports" - diaryesque tales of victory and woe at the tables often posted online by blackjack players - that are a must read for anyone who is seriously considering "Professional Blackjack Player" as their answer to "Your occupation" on IRS Form 1040. Barfarkel shares it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly - with an absolute frankness that will thoroughly educate, and hopefully sober, those with similar aspirations."

— Viktor Nacht — Publisher: RGE Publishing, Ltd. and host of

"You've Got Heat successfully demystifies the misunderstood world of professional blackjack players. Readers will identify with Barfarkel, whose adventures (and misadventures) at the 21 tables of Las Vegas prove that gambling dreams and nightmares occasionally come true."

— Michael Konik, author of "The Man With the $100,000 Breasts" and "Telling Lies and Getting Paid."



You've Got Heat should enjoy a well-deserved place in the gambling world for years to come for its description of what it's like to play blackjack in the casinos of Las Vegas around the turn of the millennium.

Barfarkel shows a good reporter's eye for rich detail and a good writer's skill for turning a phrase throughout You've Got Heat. Not only is the author a skilled blackjack player, but he can also spin a colorful tale with an engaging, often self-deprecating sense of humor. Even though he lives in Los Angeles, I consider Barfarkel a true modern-day Las Vegas character. For these reasons alone, this thoroughly entertaining book is a worthwhile read in the tradition of classics such as Blackjack Autumn and Las Vegas Blackjack Diary.

Jeff Haney - Columnist - Las Vegas Sun -



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