Volume 2 Turning Up The Heat


As many of you know, Barfarkel is the pseudonym of a skilled card counter who treats card counting as an avocation. His card counting trips to Las Vegas and Reno are quite detailed, and show how grueling it can be to take on the casinos at their own game. Barfarkelís first book, Youíve Got Heat, was well received in the blackjack community, so it was a no-brainer to publish Volume 2 in this series.

Barfarkel began his card counting journey in April 1999 with a $2,000 playing bankroll. Four years later, he was able to grow his bankroll to $10,000.This part of his playing career is fully documented in his first book, Youíve Got Heat.

What you are about to read encompasses the subsequent 20 trips that Barfarkel took to Las Vegas and Reno during the period October 2003 through October 2007. During this time, Barfarkel played 643 hours of blackjack, and his bankroll took some wild swings (from a high of $17k to a low of $7k). How this happened makes for fascinating reading.

As usual, Barfarkel prefers to write as he speaks ― directly and to the point. As editor, I gave him leeway in this regard so as not to cramp his unique writing style. So donít be surprised if you find some abbreviated sentences and unorthodox phrasing in his narratives.

Each of the trip reports in this book was originally published in my Blackjack Insider Newsletter. They were updated and most of the repetition was removed from chapter to chapter although some was left intact to maintain the original style of each trip report.

Blackjack players will get great inspiration from reading Barfarkelís story. He shows that you can win money playing blackjack using the principles and techniques of card counting. Is it easy?Hardly, as youíll discover when you read this book.

Barfarkel starting his card counting journey as a red chip player, with the desire to become a green chip bettor. After he started winning, he accomplished this goal.He then set his sights on winning more to allow him to become a high-rolling black chip player. Did he achieve this goal?Iíll let him tell the story. Enjoy the book.


Henry Tamburin


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