The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro


I first met Barfarkel in cyberspace several years ago. He had emailed me a summarized report of one his card counting trips to Las Vegas hoping to have it published in my Blackjack Insider Newsletter. I liked his little narrative and decided to use it. 

Soon “LV Pro’s Trip Reports” became a regular feature (we used LV Pro as  Barfarkel’s pseudonym in the newsletter).  Subscribers enjoyed following his card counting adventures to Las Vegas and, after publishing seventeen of his trip reports, the idea for this book came about. 

I think what makes Barfarkel’s reports so unique is his attention to detail, the accuracy of the technical information he presents about the game, the techniques he uses to gain the advantage over the house, and last, but not least, his unique writing style.

When I take a trip to Las Vegas I’m lucky if I can remember which casinos I played in. But Barfarkel has the uncanny ability to remember everything and put it in writing. You’ll read the details of those momentous hands that suddenly and unexpectedly turn a winning session into a disastrous losing one; how he copes with the emotional roller coaster ride his bankroll often takes; how he understands risk of ruin to diligently protect his bankroll; his reliance and enjoyment in friendships he makes with other card counters; his experiences and reactions when he was 86ed from several casinos; and last, but not least, the unique lifestyle that he adopts in Las Vegas that includes taking full advantage of everything that Sin City has to offer─from comped rooms to comped meals to comped smokes to yes, even some encounters with the ladies of the evening.

Barfarkel doesn’t like long sentences with traditional structure. He prefers to write as he speaks—directly and to the point. As editor I gave him leeway in this regard so as not to cramp his unique writing style.  So don’t be surprised if you find some abbreviated sentences and unorthodox phrasing in his narratives.

Since each trip report was designed to stand alone, you will find some repetition from chapter to chapter, mainly in summarizing the win/loss results of previous trips. This was left intact to maintain the original style of each trip report.

I believe average blackjack players will get great inspiration from his story because it shows how it’s possible for a beginning red chip player to win amounts like $8,900 in a relatively short time by diligently using the principles and techniques of card counting.  Barfy started his card counting journey in the spring of 1999 with $2,000. He became determined to increase his bankroll to $10,000.  Did he reach his goal? Was it easy to do? I’ll just let him tell the story. Enjoy the book.

Henry Tamburin


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